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Our Origin Story

The Doing Today Podcast is an idea that has developed over the last year or so. In October 2017 we were introduced to a whole new world to us.... the world of mindset and personal development. In 2016 my wife Leann and I purchased a closed Montessori preschool and childcare building and opened our own school. We struggled through that first year without gaining much traction and in late 2017 Leann found a childcare conference called the Child Care Success Summit. We decided to attend and our lives changed forever. At the conference and through networking with other child care owners, we learned so much information that helped us in building our business, but the benefits did not stop there. One of the speakers at the conference, Brian Duprey, gave a talk on the book "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. There was something about it that really spoke to me and absolutely lit a fire inside of me. Before we had even left the conference I had already order the book and dove into it with passion as soon as we returned home. The concepts in the book gave me an entire new lease on life. I realized that my attitudes and feelings were not controlled by the environment around me and that I actually had control of how I reacted to the things going on around me. (More on this subject in a future post I'm sure...)

Through my studies over the last year into mindset, personal, and business development, I have felt more and more pulled into sharing my story and bringing awareness into others' lives that there are so many things that are in your control that you may have not idea how to tap into.

From an early age in my life I have always asked the question why does this always happen to me? Looking at it through the lens I currently hold, it is such a childish and silly question. But I know there are many adults that ask that question every day. And I did too. That mindset allows the environment around you to control how you feel and how you act.

This was one of the first breakthroughs I made after reading "The Slight Edge". I flipped the script with the understanding that it is me who controls how I feel and how I act, no matter what is happening around me. I no longer allow myself to get worked up when someone cuts me off in traffic or things don't come together just the way I expect them to when working on a project. I would get so mad trying to put together some toy for my kids. I felt like I couldn't control it and it was inevitable that it would be difficult and ridiculous things would happen to make my life difficult. Reality is that I was making my life ridiculous and difficult. But I had lived with that mindset all my life and I could never figure out how combat it. That is until I learned about using daily disciplines, which are small actions that we can deploy on a daily basis that help us work toward a specific goal or dream. I consistently break myself from that "woe is me" mindset as soon as I start feeling it and I say out loud to myself, "I don't need to let this affect me negatively and I can have a great attitude and move forward positively." It is such a small and seemingly stupid thing to do and when you only do it once, it doesn't seem like it will have any real impact, but once I made the conscious effort to do it every day, my life absolutely changed. I rarely get into one of my blow up moments and that alone has made me a better husband, father, and person.

I can go on about how The Slight Edge has impacted my life forever but now back to what "Doing Today" is all about. I believe that there are so many people that have great ideas, great intentions, and incredible wants and desires for their lives but they continually fall short of acting on any of them. There is an endless list of excuses we can come up with to justify why we don't do something but that is all they are: excuses. I want to create a community that inspires others to take those daily actions that will start pulling them toward their goals, dreams, and desires. I know that I was unaware of how to do it and I am so thankful that I was put in that conference room and was introduced to the key that unlocked the first door I needed to go through to start making incredible changes in my life. I hope that keeping this conversation going will be the spark that someone else needs to make real change in their life.

So through this blog, the podcast, and our social media I look forward to growing in my own journey and inspiring others to join with me. Our content will be a little bit of everything. It will include myself, my wife Leann, our 3 children (Cruze 8, Brooklyn 7, Caleb 5) and many others that help our little world go round. We will also conduct interviews with others to examine their daily habits that help them to be successful in their lives.

If you have come across any of our content, it would mean the world for you to share it with others so we can grow this community to help inspire as many people as we can to live their best lives.

Doing Today,


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