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Doing Today Podcast

We are Jake and Leann Chamberlain. This is our journey through life, family, and business trying to make our dreams come true one action at a time. We hope to inspire others to start living their best lives by creating intentional actions in their every day lives that will lead toward fulfillment of their goals and dreams.

We don't claim to be perfect or have all the answers. Selfishly, this podcast is also here to inspire and motivate ourselves. We know that living a life of action is the number one proven way to accomplish anything you put your mind to. However, we also know how tough it can be. The time and patience it takes for results to roll in can be discouraging, but that is why we want to build this community of like minded people, so we can lift each other up and all live the lives we truly deserve!


Never stop believing, even when belief is hard to see. If you want to impact the world, YOU must be the change! 

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